Who is Lyndon LaRouche?

Why have LaRouche's opponents spent so much time and money attacking him? LaRouche’s economic breakthroughs have provided him a unique ability to forecast economic crises and to provide solutions and superior policies for the future. How did he forecast the 2007–08 economic collapse, when nearly everyone was caught by surprise? Why is this man, who ran for president seven times as a Democrat, defending Donald Trump? For what reason did developing nations’ leaders—such as the president of Mexico and the prime minister of India—promote his ideas, while George H.W. Bush had him thrown in prison? What benefits can an understanding of his method and proposals bring us today?

The Campaign to Exonerate Lyndon LaRouche

"There is no one in the history of the United States to my knowledge, for whom there is a greater discrepancy between the image crafted by the neo-liberal establishment and the so-called mainstream media, through decades of slanders and covert operations of all kinds, and the actual reality of the person himself, than Lyndon LaRouche. And that is saying a lot in the wake of the more than two-year witch hunt against President Trump. The reason why the complete exoneration of Lyndon LaRouche is synonymous with the fate of the United States, lies both in the threat which his opponents pose to the very existence of the U.S.A. as a republic, and thus for the entire world, and also in the implications of his ideas for America’s future survival."

– Helga Zepp-LaRouche



International Petition: Ask President Trump to Exonerate LaRouche

International Petition: The 1989 jailing of Lyndon LaRouche defined an era, which now must end—we call upon President Trump to exonerate LaRouche! 



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  • Steve Gaylord
    commented 2020-09-23 05:40:06 -0400
    It is by deception that a powerful entity rules us. Do a “Google search” on Lyndon LaRouche and witness the vitriol language used to belittle a good man whose only crime was love of country. Example:
    “Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche Jr. was an American political activist, convicted fraudster, cult leader, and founder of the LaRouche movement, whose main organization was the National Caucus of Labor Committees. Wikipedia”

    I personally find that this attempt to control the minds of men and women, to shape a false narrative is not only alarming but sad that so many will unwittingly take the pill offered by so few. I have family and friends in Canada who I have asked what their feelings are, about the present dangers facing us in the West and, for that matter the world as a whole. Our freedoms, our liberties – in jeopardy. A second cousin stated his feeling as thus: “If the US fails, Canada will follow.”
  • Doc McQuinn
    commented 2020-01-12 06:03:04 -0500
    Always watch and appreciate Harley Schlanger’s interview with X22 Spotlight. Please see my response to your interview 11 Jan 2020 (AirWarrior). Huge issues in play not just about the DS, though intersection is there for sure (in a convoluted, opportunistic way…. with each involved pursuing their own agenda, which can play into mutual benefit or unwrap into other agendas to be sure)… I’ll try to resurrect my bluebird acct (that Turkee requested be shut down), or reconstruct how it intersects with the links to the info if I’m able.
    Meantime, did you know the MB had an “invitation boatloads of money fund raising dinner” with Nancy…..
  • Andrea Sutton
    followed this page 2019-10-22 08:20:28 -0400
  • Benjamin Deniston
    published this page 2019-10-20 17:23:30 -0400

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